Saturday, September 7, 2013

Data Entry Operator: From 5th November 2011 to 22nd May 2013.

Employer: Associates for Development Services Ltd. (ADSL), Dhaka, Bangladesh

I. Project Name: PLCEHD-2/CDPI (Curriculum Development Program and Implementation) under Bureau of Non-formal Education, Funded by ADB (Asian Development Bank)
Project Duration: From 5th January 2013 22nd May 2013

II. Project Name: Learning Assessment 2012 of Quality Education under SEQAEP, funded by The World Bank
Project Duration: From 13th March 2012 to 17th March 2012

III. Project Name: South Asia Enterprise Development Facilities (SEDF) under International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Project Duration: From 13th January 2012 to 15th January 2012

IV. Project Name: Implement of Monitoring and Evaluation for IFC BIFC & SEDF under International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Project Duration: From 5th November 2011 to 12th November 2011

i. Type documents in Bangla, English and Numeric.
ii. Data entry & processing as per assigned task.
iii. Data entry in software as per assigned task
iv. Maintain office schedule and time sheet.
v. Maintain regular phone conversation with other consultants for meeting.
vi. Other work assigned as per assigned task.
vii. Daily prepare and analyses (Production and material re-consultation) report submit to management.
viii. Keep the backup of the work.
ix. Maintain good relation with other staff.
x. Go for fieldwork to test the work in Chittagong and Rangpur.
xi. Join a workshop after coming back from field testing.


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